Originally, back in the highschool days (which embarrassingly enough, I just recently realized I graduated almost 10 years ago!) I was trying to decide between Brock University for Concurrent Education to  become a kindergarten teacher … or Seneca college for Esthetics so I could own my own business. Well, Esthetics won. 

It took me a long time to get where I am today and fulfill my dream of teaching children. I started working at a local daycare just as a part time, summer job. & I fell in love. I knew it was my calling, and after working there for 7 years I decided to go back to school for Early Childhood Education in hopes of one day being permanently hired on to the school board to teach kindergarten. 

Well let’s just say that dream came true faster than expected. Before graduating from school, I was hired on with a permanent position for that coming September (because of my experience at the daycare). I was over the moon, beyond thrilled. 

This journey has made me realize to never give up on hopes and dreams. Dream big because you can do it. After making the decision to go to college for Esthetics I never imagined I would ever be teaching kindergarten, and yet here I am. 

Anything truly is possible when you put your mind to it. 

Dream big. 

– tal xo