Self Love {& shopping in oakville} 

It’s here, the day all of us single people count down the minutes for…Valentines!!!!! Ok, lets be serious, the one day a year that every single person hates. But this year, I have a little bit of advice for my fellow single people, people in relationships and married people. It’s called Self Love.  It’s so… Continue reading Self Love {& shopping in oakville} 

• Five Friday Favourites •

It’s Friday, again! Everytime Friday rolls around, I can’t believe an entire week has passed and I’m sitting here writing my Friday Favourites blog post. Fridays always tend to be the mornings, when I stop and think about everything that happened over the course of the week. This week was especially interesting. It was tough… Continue reading • Five Friday Favourites •

you are made from the things you believe in…🖤

Last night I went to an absolutely amaaaaazing hot yoga class. I was laying in the quiet, hot room at the end of class, and was just so totally still. My mind wasn’t running, my body wasn’t moving & I just felt so amazing (and let’s be honest, incredibly sweaty).  Every time I leave a… Continue reading you are made from the things you believe in…🖤

The Bachelor Recap {Or the Corrine Recap}

Tuesday morning calls for one thing; texting and talking with friends, coworkers, Instagram followers about none other than THE BACHELOR!  Come on, don’t lie, we all know you love the bachelor especially this season all because of Nick. And Corrine. But mostly Corrine. I’m starting to question who the star of the show really is?… Continue reading The Bachelor Recap {Or the Corrine Recap}