Healthy living has been an ongoing journey in which a few years back, wasn’t really a huge part of my life. 

About 3 years ago now, I realized all I ever did was complain about not feeling well. I constantly felt bloated, I always had a sore tummy, and anything and everything made me run to the bathroom. Along with this, I felt over weight, unattractive, had minimal to no confidence and just felt full out not healthy. 

I decided it was time for a change. I started attending hot yoga classes 3-4 times a week, I changed my eating habits and completely removed beer from my diet. 

It was then that I went to two different naturopaths who both tested me and told me I had a major intolerance to gluten. Who me? No. That can’t be. I love gluten. Gluten tastes good. Gluten is in everything. This can’t be happening. 

But it was. And it did happen. I have now been gluten free for about three years and I have never felt better. Because I have an intolerance and not celiac, I am still able to eat small amounts of gluten when I really, really want to. 

My life has changed in so many ways by changing the health of my life. Both exercise and eating well has taken a huge role in my life, and I feel amazing because of it. 

“Eat healthy, work hard, build faith, worry less.” 

– tal xo