What’s Up Wednesday

It’s huuuuuump day! Nothing beats a good, solid hump day. Knowing you’re half way through the week and the weekend AND March break are on the way. Today is a good day. Not to mention, the sunshine lately and warm weather seems to really be putting everyone in a good mood. But it’s always important to keep in mind, whether someone seems to be in a good mood or not…who knows what’s going on in their life. Take a second and pause before judging your surroundings, be kind on this beautiful Wednesday, today and everyday. 

Since it’s Wednesday, let me give you a list of a few things that are going on lately! 

1. Gluten free Pizza – I have been on a GF homemade pizza kick lately. Every time I order gf pizza from a pizza place, I’m disappointed. The crust is too thin. The crust is too dry. The pizza is over cooked. Etc etc. So instead of sitting around complaining about it, I decided to test out my options of making my own. Zehrs carries gf pizza crusts and they’re fantastic. Plus, cooking my own means I can put all the fresh, healthy, delicious toppings on that I want. (Including fresh AMAZING olives from the olive bar at Zehrs.) 

2. Friendship – People come, and people go…but through it all, and especially as you get older you realize just how amazing some of your true friends really are. Especially when you wake up to the best texts from your bestest of friends, making you jealous that they’re shopping in LA but making it all better by telling me how amazing of a person I am. 

3. Starbucks – Lets just say, the new blonde vanilla latte that has just recently come out, is totally on point. Delicious. 

4. Kale & Quinoa – two of the healthiest, most delicious foods that I hope you all have as staple foods in your kitchen. Add asparagus, add grape tomatoes, add Parmesan cheese…add just about basically anything and these foods make a delicious, healthy, gluten free meal. 

5. Off the shoulder shirts – about a year ago, these shirts were no where to be found, really not a thing at all. But ever since Lauren B. wore them constantly on the Bachelor with Ben, they’ve been everywhere. And I love it. They’re cute, stylish & fun. 

6. Lashes – lashes, lashes lashes. How I love Helen & her lashes. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, drive your butt to Stratford to get the best lashes ever. (Not to mention to also have the best chats with a fantastic person.) 

Enjoy today, and remember to be kind always. Hold your friendships close, and constantly love those around you. Positivity & happiness goes a long way. 

– tal xo 


One thought on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. whoa, really enjoyed reading these posts, and partiularly loved the food posts as well! Have you ever thought about sharing any recipes at all? They look amazing 🙂

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