Self Love {& shopping in oakville} 

It’s here, the day all of us single people count down the minutes for…Valentines!!!!! Ok, lets be serious, the one day a year that every single person hates. But this year, I have a little bit of advice for my fellow single people, people in relationships and married people. It’s called Self Love. 

It’s so easy to focus on everyone but you, to ignore what YOU need and make everyone around you happy. But today (& just more days in general) let’s focus on us. Let’s love us. Take time for us. What do YOU love to do, that makes YOU truly happy? Do it. Do a whole lot more of it. 

As everyone knows, the thing that makes me so happy is shopping. I love shopping. Shopping shopping shopping. And my favourite place to shop, is of course, downtown Oakville. The vibe of this city, the employees in the stores, the styles that they sell, everything about it just makes me feel great. 

There’s a store downtown called Mendocino and it’s one of my favourites. But with that being said, it’s very hit or miss. Sometimes I’ll go in and there’s nothing under $100. And I leave empty handed. And then sometimes they have sales. I mean GREAT sales. I found a top and two dresses all regular around a hundred dollars each and let’s just say, they were very on sale. I bought both dresses for $12 each. Yes you read that right, twelve dollars!!! Now if summer could just hurry up, that would be awesome. Next stop was bluboho, my favourite jewelry store. They have amazing, different, stylish jewelry and to top it off they are always so friendly and great to chat with when you pop in. Cheryl one of the owners was there this weekend when I went, and her bright smile and warm vibe makes you feel so great supporting her business. I bought a ring that I just adore.And of course to finish, how could I not stop at Starbucks. There’s a new Starbucks downtown and wow is it fancy. Marble counters, marble backsplash. The place is gorgeous. I’ve never been in such a spotless, classy Starbucks. My mom and I enjoyed a latte and then one of my most favourite people in the world, Pauline stopped in to join us. 

Self love. Think about it, and do a little bit more of it. Today & everyday. 

“Hearts break that’s how magic gets in.” – bluboho

– tal xo 


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