• Five Friday Favourites •

It’s Friday, again! Everytime Friday rolls around, I can’t believe an entire week has passed and I’m sitting here writing my Friday Favourites blog post. Fridays always tend to be the mornings, when I stop and think about everything that happened over the course of the week. This week was especially interesting. It was tough and emotionally draining. There’s no doubt about it. But with any tough situation, always brings the positives. And at this point, I am trying to look at everything I have learnt from a very negative situation. 

You can only do as much as you can do. You can only try as hard as you can try. And you can only be you, that’s all there is to it. And at some point, you just have to realize you’re never going to please everyone, you’re never going to be liked by all, and you’re not always going to get recognition for the hard work you’ve done. 

But with all of that being said, I still had some great moments in the week that brought along some of my favourite things right now. 

1. Ashanti Coffee – After a long, busy, emotionally draining week, sitting down infront of the fireplace in my trackies with a delicious coffee from Ashanti just hit the spot. If you haven’t been to Ashanti on Mill St. in Elora, it’s a must. Their coffee is better than anywhere. Seriously, anywhere. 

2. Parker – this kid just kills me. I could go on and tell you a thousand stories of things he did this week, but this one topped the list. Him and I were hanging out in my parents basement watching the Leaf game. He started walking over to the pool table and I said “Parker, do NOT touch the pool balls.” (All I could envision was him picking up a pool ball, chucking it across the room and smashing my dad’s beautiful new curved tv.) So a few minutes later, I didn’t hear or see Parker. I peak around the corner and he’s so very quietly, so slowly, walking towards the pool balls. I didn’t say anything. Just snapped pictures (I’m a great babysitter I tell ya). He thought he was being oh so sneaky, I finally burst out laughing and said “Parker!!!! I told you not to touch those.” I didn’t realize already by two years old how sneaky kids are! 

He’s so small he thought I couldn’t see him…

He was being so stealth…quietly sneaking up to the balls

“Muahaha made it, got the balls” (all to turn around to me laughing cause I caught him)

3. Epiphany – I know, I know, I talk about this store all the time. But I can’t help it! I needed some serious retail therapy after this week so I popped into Epiphany in Elora (before grabbing a coffee) to see if they had any cute shirts for my weekend away. Of course, they did. They always do! And, it was even on sale. Bonus. Btw, if you have any winter weddings coming up, they have some amazingly cute and classy dresses in there right now. 
4. Aritzia Scarf – So if you don’t already know, I have the best bestie in the whole world. She’s one of the most kind, generous, caring people you could ever meet. And to top it off, she just gets me. Everything about me. Especially style. So for Christmas, she’s not supposed to buy me anything but she did (key in the generous comment) and she bought me the most amazing, stylish scarf from Aritzia. I wear it pretty much every single day. And it goes perfect with my green military jacket that my mom bought me for Christmas. If you’re looking for a new scarf, check out this one.

5. Gluten free bagel, mashed avocado & poached egg – This has been my go to weekend breakfast lately. I try not to eat bread very often, so I’ll have this once a weekend as a treat. And boy is it a treat. Mashed avocado, with sea salt and ground pepper with a poached egg ontop of a bagel, just absolutely hits the spot every time. Delish. 

& there we have it, five of my favourite things this week. If you’re looking for something to do on Saturday afternoon, I’d highly suggest taking a stroll down Mill Street in Elora. Grab a coffee or tea (there coconut vanilla tea is to die for) and check out some stores. 

Keep your head high, your heart open, and your views positive. Life is too short to waste precious seconds worrying about another’s negative thoughts. 

– tal xo 


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