you are made from the things you believe in…🖤

Last night I went to an absolutely amaaaaazing hot yoga class. I was laying in the quiet, hot room at the end of class, and was just so totally still. My mind wasn’t running, my body wasn’t moving & I just felt so amazing (and let’s be honest, incredibly sweaty). 

Every time I leave a yoga class like that, I find my drive home to be so peaceful. I always just think. Positively. About me. And life. Last night I started thinking about just how great life really is and I know that sounds totally cheesy but it’s true. I’ve been stressing so much lately about money (I mean who doesn’t?) and about still being single (am I EVER going to find the one, in a sea of ass holes?). But last night during yoga and the drive home I just wasn’t worrying about a thing. 

I think it’s so important to believe in you. In all the things you bring to this world; to your friends, to your family. We can be so incredibly hard on ourselves and we really can only take so much of that. I’m constantly questioning so much. Does my skating coach like me? Do my co-workers like me? Am I being a good teacher? Does this outfit look ok? Why do some of what I thought were my closest friends, not want to spend time with me? etc. etc. etc. 

I think if we let ourselves, it would be so easy to think so negatively and never just stop, breath and realize we’re doing just alright. With that being said, what’s the saying? Practice what you preach. Earth to Tali, PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. I’m working on this, I find it extremely hard to be confident in myself, not worry about what other people think and to love myself. One day…one day…

Maybe our friend doesn’t want to hang out with us. Maybe our coach doesn’t like us. Maybe our coworker thinks our outfit is hideous. And that’s ok. We have to accept who we are, and believe that those who are supposed to be in our lives will be. Those who love us, will no matter what. And those who bring out the best in us, will always bring out the best in us. 

No matter what life brings, everything always happens for a reason. I truly, truly believe that and live by it. So don’t change who YOU are, don’t try to be someone someone else wants YOU to be. There’s only one of you here, so keep on being you because you’re damn good at it. 

Smile. Be happy. Stay positive. & love your life. 

“There comes a day when you’re going to realize happiness is where you are.” – Moana

– tal xo 


One thought on “you are made from the things you believe in…🖤

  1. You’re an amazing person inside and out Tali. I’m thankful we crossed paths and have created a friendship through our careers. Xo

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