The Bachelor Recap {Or the Corrine Recap}

Tuesday morning calls for one thing; texting and talking with friends, coworkers, Instagram followers about none other than THE BACHELOR! 

Come on, don’t lie, we all know you love the bachelor especially this season all because of Nick. And Corrine. But mostly Corrine. I’m starting to question who the star of the show really is? Boobie girl or Nick? Still trying to figure that out. Corrine is just going to one up Liz by going to sleep with Nick, great idea Corrine. “I want to explore Nick and get to know each other sexually.” Oh boy. Drama, drama, drama. 

Can we all just talk about Corrine’s lack of energy. Why is she always sleeping? She’s either sleeping (& snoring REAL loud) or crying about not having Nick’s attention. “I want to always be the centre of Nick’s attention.” Ok Corrine, here’s a thought…maybe don’t go on a show with 25 other girls. You cannot be the centre of Nick’s attention 24/7. And on a side note, she should maybe spend some of her Nanny money on waterproof mascara instead of whip cream. 

It sure is a good thing this girl owns her own company, otherwise she’d never get employed after this show
This girl needs to give her head a shake.

For that matter, is it the Nick show, the Corrine show or the Liz show? How they have spent THIS much time focusing on Liz is blowing my mind. Liz is gone, why are we STILL talking about Liz. Wait, WHAT? Liz met Nick at Jade and Tanners wedding? No way! Omg. What?! But seriously, Liz said that 7200 times and the season just started. We get it. Cool. Great. Move the f on. 

Now let’s get to the most important part of last nights episode. Can we all just take a moment, pause, and talk about how jealous every single person born in the 80’s was when they saw the Backstreet Boys walk into the Mansion?!? My 12 year old self was so totally jealous of the girls. Oh please what am I talking about? My 27 year old self was so jealous. Best.Date.EVER!!!!!!

Now on a positive note, I LOVE Vanessa. Love, love, love. She seems so kind hearted, mature and genuine. AND she’s Canadian!! The token Canadian girl on the American Bachelor is always so amazing (cough Jillian Harris). There’s something special between them. Nick seems like such a better, great guy when he’s around Vanessa. Us Canadians sure know how to bring out the best in people. 

Lastly, I wasn’t aware that it was a requirement to wear dresses that show your entire boob minus your nipple. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a season of the bachelor before where there has been this much boob. Boobs…boobs EVERYWHERE. And I seriously wonder why all my guy friends watch this show, duh Tali…how did it take me this long to clue in? 

Well, there we have it…my recap of the bachelor so far. Not sure what could possibly be more entertaining than two hours of Corrine & Nick. Cheers to the bachelor!

“Tonight…on the most dramatic episode of the bachelor…” – Chris Harrison

– tal xo 


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