Five Friday Favourites

It’s Friday, woohoo!!!!! Who doesn’t just love when Friday rolls around. Let’s be serious, as much as we all try to enjoy everyday as it comes, every moment as it happens and never want to waste away precious time, deep down the thought of Friday arriving is most definitely both exciting and relieving. 2 whole days to do whatever we want! 

enjoy the simple, everyday moments because they are what turn into the big moments.

It was so nice to get back to work this week. Back into routine; waking up early, going to the gym, eating healthy. The holidays were amazing, but boy do I love my regular routine. (One might say I’m not very good with change…hahah let’s be serious that’s an understatement. I SUCK with change. Suck, suckity, suck.) So I was glad to get back to my normal. 

But with that being said, there were some things I did and gifts I got over the holidays that are definitely going onto my list of favourite things right now. 

1. Roots Sweatpants – I cannot even go on enough about how A-MAZING these pants are. I have never (seriously never) worn something so comfy. Everyone knows I’m a huge Lulu lover, and I still am but these pants…are comfier than anything I’ve ever worn. Plus, Roots has made them popular enough that they actually pass for stylish. Don’t tell anyone, but I actually wore them out to get my nails done. Yes, that’s right, I left the house in track pants.😬

2. Daniel Wellington Watches – This is again another Christmas gift, that I LOVE. Love isn’t even a strong enough word to explain my feelings for this watch. It is so stylish, so sleek, so classy. I can wear it when I dress up, I can wear it when I have jeans on. It just goes with everything. Check out their Instagram page for more pictures of their watches. I love this black one because it goes with absolutely everything and I can add my silver jewelry to it. (& my parents granite countertop even matches it ha!)

3. Starbucks – yup, that’s right I am still obsessed with Starbucks. But here’s why, not only are their drinks delicious (because that’s an obvious) but their staff are always so friendly and awesome. Every time I go into a Starbucks, it is always such a great experience. I love to support small businesses and I also love to support Canadian businesses but when I go into Tim’s and the people working barely even look at me…it really just forces me to continue supporting Starbucks. I know it’s not all Tim’s but overall there’s something about Starbucks employees that are just awesome and well trained. A friend at work yesterday had mentioned how she can’t order any lattes or good drinks right now because she is on a dairy free diet, I told her to go to Starbucks they have substitutes for everything. So she did, they made her latte with almond milk and apparently it was awful (which I can totally believe) so what did they do? Made her a brand new one with soy for free. Now that’s customer service. 

4. Lashes by Helen –The girl who does my amazing, incredible lashes has moved from her Spa to another location. Same great lashes, new location. Her business is now called HH lashes and if you click on that link you can even book online, so easy.  I recently got a lash fill and it just made me realize again, how amazing she is. I can’t even explain how good she is at lash applications. It’s the new year, it’s the new you, try out Helen’s lashes. 

5. This boy – How stinkin cute is Cooper? He’s about the most opposite of his brother, Parker as he could be. He’s fat. Yup I said it. Fat in the best way possible. He has a double chin, a belly and is absolutely adorable. (In all reality, he’s probably still smaller than any fat baby but I love his rolls since we’re so not use to a baby with rolls!) 

There we have it, my five favourite things right now. I love having favourite things, and I love how a few simple things in life such as a latte and a comfy pair of sweats can brighten up any day!

“Happiness is a state of mind. It’s just according to the way you look at things.” – Walt Disney

– tal xo 

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