• Christmas Shopping from your Couch •

It’s almost the middle of December, which means one thing, one big thing … Christmas is almost here!!!!For anyone who knows me at all, they know just how much I love Christmas. Everything and anything Christmas related brings a smile to my face. But most of all, I absolutely love Christmas shopping and watching people open my gifts. Spending time finding exactly what people will love, makes me so happy. 

This year I have actually done more of my shopping online than ever before. Usually we have a girls shopping weekend in either Buffalo or Niagara and 2 full days of shopping means I can get nearly everything I need. But this year, everyone was so busy and we couldn’t find a weekend that worked. (Insert sad face here.) So all of a sudden at the end of November I panicked and realized I had just about nothing bought. So I started to order things online. 

I have been pleasantly surprised with how easy it is. The only thing I find frustrating is not knowing exactly when I’m going to get it. To be able to calmly online shop, I think you have to do it weeks in advance when you aren’t worrying about it getting here on time or not. (I would get so stressed if I wasn’t sure whether or not something would arrive before Christmas or not.) This time of year there are so many stores that have free shipping. Roots, Saje, Lululemon, Indigo and more, all have free shipping which makes ordering from there so much better. Indigo is actually only free if you spend $25 or more, but let’s be serious who can go onto Indigo’s website and not spend more than $25? Lulu is ALWAYS free shipping (thank you Lulu for my addiction problem). Saje has free shipping till tonight at midnight. And Roots, I’m not even sure what their rules are I just know I spent a lot of money and didn’t pay for shipping. (I guess that’s one benefit of spending a ridiculous amount of money at a store?!) 

For all of you people who are nervous about starting this new trend, try it out. Even just once. And when you realize just how easy it is, you’ll be addicted. (I apologize in advance to all of your husbands…😬). 

I will tell you one thing about online shopping, receiving the email saying your package has been sent is the best feeling ever. And it’s even better when you check the postal update and it says “package delivered”…yessssss! Such a simple thing like checking your mail, will become so exciting. Try it. Start shopping from your couch, and see how amazing it really is. And when you’re not driving around the mall parking lot for an hour desperately searching for a spot (while almost getting hit by all the useless men drivers who should just not go near parking lots) you can thank me. 

“Be happy and a reason will come along.” – Robert Brault 

– tal xo 

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