Starlight Shopping 

Every year around Christmas time, Elora has a special night of Starlight shopping. All the stores downtown are open late, there’s sales and a ton of people. But best of all, it’s the perfect night to spend with friends and family to get into the holiday feel. 

This year my cousin, myself and her friend went out for dinner at the Brewery first which was absolutely delicious and had such a great Christmasy vibe. After that we met up with my mom, sister and cousin and did some Christmas shopping. 

Of course I absolutely love the two stores Jammed Lovely & Epiphany. The stores are so unique, great prices and you can always find something to buy. (Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing for me haha). Jammed lovely recently moved locations and they are now in a beautiful, bright, classy store that I just love browsing in.Epiphany as I’ve said before, is very much like Anthropologie. Only it has better prices, and I don’t have to drive to Oakville for it. (Plus I’m supporting local, bonus!) I found a super cute poncho that will be perfect for Christmas events with black tights and booties. (Oh right, I was supposed to be Christmas shopping wasn’t I?! Whoops.) 

The whole night was so much fun; shopping, eating and then drinking wine back at my place after. If you’re looking for a place to get Christmas gifts, check out Elora. You can get anything from a stocking stuffer to a gorgeous $250 Nixon watch. They cover all your needs plus you get the amazing Elora feel. Get out there and shop local. Not only are you supporting small business’ but you also will have such a better experience than putting yourself into the craziness of a mall this time of year. 

– tal xo 


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