Decorating for F A L L!

Although until about yesterday it was still feeling like summer, fall is here! What girl who lives in Canada doesn’t love fall? Candles, decorations, boots, scarves, lattes. Everything about fall screams girl. Me included. I am the typical girl who just obsesses over this season.

But my favourite part is decorating for fall. Pumpkins, leaves, pine cones. But here’s the thing, as you all know my condo is white. Very, very white. So no, orange doesn’t particularly go very well with my style. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have fall decorations. I just went with a white/brown look. 

I had some stuff and I also made a trip to HomeSense to get a few more things. I love decorating my mantle based on the season, so of course that’s what I started with. 

I added a few other little touches of fall through out the place. Of course, you can’t have a house scream fall without candles. (Yes, I’m that typical girl.) 

added some white pumpkins through out the place.
If your home doesn’t smell of apples and maple, then you haven’t properly prepared for fall.

Although this isn’t specifically fall, it’s something I can leave in my condo year round. But it goes with the rustic, brown look that I’ve added. Always keep an open mind when it comes to style. I needed a toilet paper holder, but no part of me wanted to buy an ugly silver typical holder, so instead I thought outside the box. This is meant to hold candles, but instead mine holds toilet paper. 

Get out there and start shopping for new home decorations. The crisp air is here and so is everything f a l l. 

“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today, is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.” 

– tal xo


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