Condo Creations {using cottage paint!} 

So on my last day off before heading back to the work world, I decided I need to start (& complete) a condo project. I mean why not jam pack a should be week long project into one day? 

I bought IKEA stools off of kijiji before I had even moved into my condo. I knew I wanted something white, they were the perfect price so I bought them and stored them in my parents basement. But once I moved in, although they did the job, I didn’t love them. The wood legs really threw me off. They stood out in a room full of white and blue. I have been living here since November and I can honestly say I thought about these stools daily, how they weren’t exactly what I had in mind. 

So I started on the search for new bar stools. Now tell me you’ve looked for bar stools before? They’re expensive. Holy crap, like so expensive. $350 for EACH STOOL? I don’t think so. I started thinking of ways to fix mine that I already had. 

The Friday morning before Labor Day weekend, I pulled out my cottage paint supplies and started painting. I had already purchased everything I need from last summer when I painted two tables and two chairs (which are all in my living room already). 

the table originally was a dark, dark brown & the top is actually real marble.
the little table was a light brown, the chair which i did two of were an ugly brown with a red seat.

All you need is: 

  • Cleaner (spray on the surface you’re going to paint, and wipe)
  • Paint brush 
  • Paint (I had white & blue) 
  • Seal 

I painted the first coat of paint white (after I cleaned the legs, which took maybe 5 minutes). The best part about cottage (or chalk) paint, is you don’t need to apply it perfectly. I spent maybe 25minutes painting all 3 chairs. I let them dry for approx. half an hour and then added a coat of blue. Again not a perfect application because I wanted the white to show through. I left that to dry for about an hour and then added the seal, and voila. 


I can’t believe the difference it makes in the entire room. Taking out the ugly brown legs from a very white and blue room has made the world of a difference. 

If you’re wanting to paint some furniture and live in the area, Home Hardware in Elora is SO helpful with telling you what to buy and even giving you tips for the paint application. 

I swear one of these days I will be done with my condo creations, but until then I’ll keep on keeping on! 

“Make it simple, but significant.” – Don Draper

– tal xo 

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