• time is n o w • 

I’m not sure where summer went, and how it flew by so fast but fall is quickly coming. I am soaking in every last second of every last hot summer day, because nothing beats 30 degree weather, in cute little outfits. Now when it comes to shopping, I have no problem buying summer clothes in January, but don’t even for a second think I’m going to start shopping for fall outfits the beginning of August. Not happening. No way, no how. So for now, I will take in every last second of summer and focus on the now. Enjoy it to its fullest while it’s here, don’t worry about fall, don’t think about winter…focus on right now, where you are in this moment. I know there is this whole thing called retail therapy, but I actually truly do believe in it. In my case, shopping and style is one of my favourite things in life. Going shopping for a day, even if I only buy one or two things brings so much happiness. I love trying outfits on, adding accessories, shoes. Spending a day in stores, searching for sales just makes my heart so, so happy. The other day, my mom and I went downtown Oakville for some shopping. Anthropologie is there which is the main attraction for us. I absolutely adore this store. Problem being? It’s expensive. So expensive. One little shirt can range anywhere from $70-$100. Pants? You’re looking at $100+. But they have sales. Boy does Anthro love their sales. 

They had all of their sale stuff an extra 40% off, jackpot!!! I knew I was on a tight budget, as well really did not need anymore clothes. So I was careful. I ended up finding some super cute tops, regular $68 and I got them for $12. Seriously, how can you beat that?! The best part, is that because they’re regular 70 dollars, they aren’t cheap. They feel so nice to wear and look even better. You can tell they’re a $70 shirt and not a $10 shirt from wal mart. Another bonus to downtown Oakville shopping is that you get to walk outside while doing it. Nothing is worse than spending an entire beautiful summer day walking inside a mall. I feel so much more relaxed and laid back while I wonder the streets outside. We stopped at the Starbucks to grab a skinny vanilla ice coffee and sat outside on the bench to enjoy it. While sitting there, an older French lady from Oakville randomly stopped and told me she LOVED my sunglasses. That they looked so great with my hair and asked where they were from. She looked closer and said they’re really nice, they must have cost a fortune. (These were the same pair I bought a few weeks ago at the outlet for only $49!!). 15 minutes later we knew this ladies life story…you just never know who you’re going to meet, or the compliments you’re going to get while shopping. 

To finish the day off we decided to take a trip down to the water. I LOVE driving past all the beautiful homes on the lake in Oakville, I just dream of living in one some day. We finished off our Starbucks and relaxed by the lake ending the day just right. 

The farther you wonder, the more often you go, the more amazing styles & deals you’ll find. Enjoy this beautiful Monday & remember to keep on loving, smiling and never looking back. 

– tal xo 


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