Tinder vs True Love 

So I’m going out on a total whim by writing this post; it has nothing to do with fashion, nothing to do with healthy eating and most definitely nothing to do with teaching. But it has a lot to do with my life and many others lives. It’s this thing called Tinder. Ahhhh the life of using tinder (and/or of course bumble). If someone would have told me when I was 15 that at the age of twenty seven I would be using a silly app called Bumble to find guys to go on dates with me I’d tell them they were absolutely nuts. No, by 27 I will be married with atleast two kids to the love of my life living in a beautiful home in Elora. But I’m not. None of that is true. And instead yes, I’m looking for dates off these silly, ridiculous apps. 

I have learnt more about both myself and guys from using Bumble and here are the top 5 things that I find both interesting and hilarious about them. 

1. Guys are pigs – but yes I’m sure some girls are as well. These apps made it quite clear how many guys, close to thirty years old are out there looking for a hook up rather than a long term, possible marriage relationship. But really, are us girls any different? I say I want something serious, but run away from any chance of becoming close with someone. It’s easier to put a wall up, and make it impossible to get hurt than to put yourself out there and end up heart broken. 2. The career stated really does make a difference in their personality – now I’m not about to go bashing certain careers over others, but just because their career screams “$$$$” usually means you’re going out on a date with a total dink. I actually got multiple texts after one date stating to me why I’m a terrible person, how I’m not nice and basically how I’m unlovable. As much as maybe the latter is true, I found this hard to believe when the guy literally did not ask me one, seriously not one question about myself but instead spent two hours talking about himself and how amazing he is. So maybe the angry texts had something to do with me turning him down for a second date. I mean who really wants to spend more time listening to someone gloat about how amazing they are. No thanks. Not for me. I’d rather stare at paint drying. 

3. Tinder makes everyone feel replaceable – the problem with these apps is that they’re making both males and females feel completely replaceable. The date wasn’t totally, completely, absolutely perfect? I’ll just start swiping and find someone better. Come on, that’s not real life. You shouldn’t be able to go through guys that easily. What has our world come to?! 4. How else do you meet people? – Although I say what has our world come to, that these apps are not in any way normal, how the heck else do you meet single people? Stand out on the corner with a sign that says “I’m single!” Ya, no. But seriously, how do you? I guess single people need to use Tinder & Bumble if they want to meet people. 

Tali – 27 year old kindergarten teacher who is single af … likes long walks on the beach and etc. etc. etc.
5. Deleting the apps will make you feel so good – let me just say from experience, that deleting these apps off your phone will make you feel so good. It will clear up so much wasteful time of sitting on your couch, swiping through 100 weirdos out of pure boredom. I think I’ll stick to drinking wine on my couch alone, sounds more appealing. (Sorry mom, looks like I’m going to be single for a very long time. It’s me + wine forever.)But with all of this being said, there is love to be found on these apps. Being open minded, and open to new experiences is a quality that I strive for.

Now if only there was a way to scan through the douche bags vs nice guys, that would be great. But a simple tip for all you men on tinder — always, always have more than one profile picture (if you only have one, how do I know you’re even real?). Never, ever put hotter than you guys in your photos, just makes you look worse than you maybe even are. And your cheesy, annoying pick up lines, no. Just no. A simple hey how’s it going will do just fine. 

For all you tinder and bumble users out there, keep your chins up, you just never know what you may find and in the process you’ll have some great stories to text your friends. 

“There is nothing more beautiful than a person who’s heart has been broken, but still believes in love.” 

– tal xo 

2 thoughts on “Tinder vs True Love 

  1. i was in a marriage, then a long-term relationship, while all this happened. thank goodness, because otherwise i might think it was a good idea. (probably not.) 2016 was lonely– like jump off a cliff lonely. (im doing alright, thanks.)

    2016 was also the year i got used to bars. ok, that sounds worse than it was. i can tell you that i had practically no luck there– im not looking for a hookup, though i did manage to date one person (of a few) that actually turned into a relationship, if briefly. if i rate the year in terms of affection and attention, i did alright. but in terms of romance, eh. it was pretty dead.

    i shouldnt have the highest expectations really, coming out of a marriage followed by a relationship that lasted years. i had to let go of that, but theres still this “hookup culture” to contend with.

    heres what a really believe: hookups have gotten easier than ever, and more popular than ever. maybe the answer is for a few of us who dont like hooking up should just hook up with each other and hope for the best (i know, that line never works!) but im only half-kidding.

    other than that, i dont think the idea of romance and love-beyond-just-screwing is going to die just yet. if we were the only ones left, id ask for your number. 🙂 but im pretty sure its not as dire as we think. a better word to sum it up (once you manage to survive being lonely for most of a year) is “inconvenient.” their convenience hooking up is our inconvenience finding something meaningful. anyway, im pretty sure your smile is going to be good for another 10, 20, etc. years, so dont spend too much time frowning. itll be ok. if i can make it through 2016, theres probably hope for us all? good luck ❤

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