Toronto Summertime Shopping 

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’ll mention it again, I just absolutely love summertime. I love the heat, the relaxing, the fun, the love, the shopping, the sun. I love everything about summer. It’s the perfect time to do the things that make you happy, to soul search, spend time doing yoga and just enjoy life. One of my favourite things to do is…wait for it….wait….shopping!!!! I know, huge surprise. I went to the Toronto Premium Outlets yesterday and again had so much luck. They have such a variety of stores that you can find just about anything and everything you’re looking for. 

I found this fantastic necklace at J Crew that I just love. I can dress up a cute simple outfit, or I can add it to a dress for a wedding. It was regular $64 and with the sale plus my teacher discount I paid $14 with tax!! Crazy, right? I’m not sure who pays full price for statement necklaces, but don’t. Eventually they always go on sale, keep your eyes open and you’ll find them. 

Next up I found myself in Sunglass hut. Did I need new sunglasses? Nope. So why did I go in? Because I saw a big massive red sale sign in the window. And oh boy do I love me some expensive sunglasses. I cannot handle wearing cheap, crappy sunglasses. It’s a big (and maybe snobby) pet peeve of mine. Well don’t I find just the most beautiful gold, Ralph Lauren aviators regular $200 on for $49. So yes, I bought them. And love them. 

I ended up popping into Colombia. Which is always where I find amazing deals on gorgeous winter coats. But this time I noticed all their sales on cute shirts and sweaters. This sweater which would be perfect for the cottage or camping was only $16! The more you shop, the more deals you’ll find. Get out there, drive around and get out of your comfort zone. Sales make everyone’s heart happy, I promise. 

And to send you all off today with happy vibes, here’s something I came across that I just loved. There are some great things to think about and remember in life. Especially #3. Be kind, be happy, smile & sprinkle love everywhere. No one, for any reason deserves to be hated. You just never know the battle they may be fighting. 

– tal xo

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