Q&A — Lash Extension’s 

I have written a few posts about lash extensions before & recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions about them. So I figured I’d write an update. For starters, yes I still am absolutely addicted to my lashes and continue getting them filled. It’s been over a year now that I have been getting them done, and I’m still as in love as I was when I first got them put on. For anyone who doesn’t know, I go to a spa in Stratford, LaDebonaire. Helen is my lash lady and she is the absolute best. I have never seen lashes as perfect as how she applies them. One of the most common questions I get is regarding cost. The first appointment can range anywhere from $150-$250 based on how many lashes you naturally have which decifers how long it will take Helen to complete your first application. From then, it’s roughly $25 for a fill every two weeks or $50 for a fill every four weeks. (But your first fill is free, because Helen is amazing!) I generally wait about four weeks inbetween appointments since I’m an hours drive away. 

Another common question is where I go. Like I said, I drive to Stratford and I without a question would suggest this and say without a doubt it is worth the drive. Helen is SO good at what she does, that the hour drive is so worth it. I always get asked whether the lashes bug me, feel heavy or make it hard for washing my face. No, no & also no. Thinking back to my very first application I think they maybe felt a little weird but I got use to them so quickly. Now I honestly don’t even know I have them on. They aren’t heavy, or annoying. I can wash my face totally normal as long as the cleanser is oil free. 

If anyone has any questions at all feel free to contact me or Helen at LaDebonaire. As well, if you mention you’ve read this blog you will receive $20 off (hello who doesn’t love saving money!!). 

– tal xo 

for more info on Helen’s lash extensions, call 519.271.1730 or e-mail info@ladebonaire.com or send Helen a msg on La Debonaire’s facebook page. 


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