Condo & Clothes 

Since I moved in, I have been on the hunt to find a bar cart. The corner beside my fireplace was just screaming for a bar cart. (Ok maybe that was me screaming for it.) But I’m not sure if any of you have ever searched for a bar cart before, but they are nearly impossible to find!! I looked everywhere. All kinds of stores, online, even used in hopes of painting or updating it somehow. Finally, I found one! At no other than, HomeSense. I should have known this is where I would find it. I know you’re all waiting for me to tell you the wicked deal I got on it, but unfortunately it was full price. But I just couldn’t pass it by so I paid the $130 price tag. While I was out shopping for make up I stopped in acouple other stores, cause I mean you can’t just walk past a sale sign, right? Aritzia was full of sales, the only problem with them is that sale to Aritzia means 5 dollars off. But hey, if there’s a red tag I’m all over it. I bought a super cute little black dress and a black hat that I have been wanting for awhile. (Clearly my mom was loving every second of shopping with me ha.) 

And I figure while we’re on the condo topic anyways, I will give you a few updated pics of the place. I think (key word, THINK) it is completed when it comes to the design and decoration. I have continued to buy so many little things here and there and now I am absolutely in love. 

& now I better start saving my pennies so I can buy a new big house to start decorating. For now, I’ll stick to new clothes! 

“Let’s do what we love, and do a lot of it.” – Marc Jacobs 

– tal xo 


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