What’s up Wednesday 

Summer has finally arrived. It’s time to do all the things you have dreamed of all winter long while being cooped up inside as it stormed outside. Remember to take it all in, enjoy each and every moment because it will fly by. Be you, be proud and don’t be scared to do all the things you dream of doing. 

Whenever summer rolls around, life seems to go on steroids when it comes to being busy. I use to have a regular routine, of cleaning my entire condo and doing laundry every Saturday morning. But I can’t even tell you the last Saturday I’ve been home for. (Don’t worry, my condo is still relatively clean due to my OCD-ness.) 

Parker is getting to be more and more fun. I mean I’ve always obviously loved the kid, but the older he gets the more fun I have with him. Also since I’m his aunt and can go home at night, his temper tantrums are hilarious. My absolute favourite times with Parker are when its just him and I. We always have so much fun just hanging out, I can be full out dorky aunt and no one sees, it’s the best and he generally just laughs at me! 

With summer, comes summer time cooking. Lately I’ve been on a huge summer salad kick. Macoroni salads of all shapes and sizes. It’s so easy to throw together whatever fresh food you have and make it into a salad. With of course, gluten free pasta! (Or quinoa is another fav of mine.) 

Eating gluten free really can be easy…here is a super simple, healthy and delicious dinner I made totally gluten free. Quinoa covered chicken with gluten free pasta salad. 

Lastly, one of my favourite things about summer is being able to go to Ashanti, a cafe in Elora on Mill St. and hang out enjoying a latte or tea anytime I want. They have the absolute BEST coconut vanilla tea. 

Enjoy the sun, the salads and all that comes with summertime. Remember to be you, do what you want to do, and don’t change for anyone. The world needs YOU in it. 

“When you can dream, then you can’t stop. A dream is a wish that you make with your heart.” –Cinderella

– tal xo 


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