Friday Favourites

Here are a few of my favourite things lately… 

1. Oakville – one day I swear I’m going to live in Oakville, but until then day trips with my mom are going to have to do the job. 

2. Running – because it just feels so good when you get home after a good solid run. Plus the time I have to just listen to music and think, is pretty awesome. 

3. Girls nights – I absolutely love having the girls over for drinks & apps. We could spend hours on end talking about who knows what, so the odd night we do get I take every second in and enjoy it so much. (Plus I love preparing all the food too!) 

4.The canoe trip –  every may 24 we go on a canoe trip. We leave from the cottage, and canoe down the river for the day. We use to make it a two day trip and would camp but the past few years it’s turned into just one day. This year Parker got to come in the canoe for the first tiny bit across the lake, then we dropped him off! 

5. My job –  sometimes it just hits me, how much I absolutely love my job. Especially on days when I get to dress up as a super hero…how many of your jobs can you dress as Super Scott for the day?! & there we have it, some of my favourite things right now! 

“Life can be stressful at times, but a optimistic attitude and a carefree disposition can go a long way.” – Pooh

– tal xo 


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