Life Lately — shopping, salads & sun

Oh hi there everyone, I’ve been a little mia lately and so I figured a life lately post was most definitely nessecary. Now that I have my condo totally decorated and designed, it’s hard to keep the posts coming as much. But don’t you all worry, I went shopping the other day and it was a huge success. 

I find now that I’ve started adulting and don’t live at home, the trips to Toronto for shopping don’t happen nearly as often. Instead my money is spent on hydro, water, mortgage, internet, etc. etc.  Let’s just say I would much rather be spending my money shopping downtown Oakville instead of paying for air conditioning. But apparently at 27 adulting is the thing to do. (Whoever made that rule, UGH is all I have to say.) But with adulting also comes so many lessons in life, in love and just in general so for that, I don’t mind this whole 27 thing. I went shopping downtown Oakville on Lakeshore as well as stopped in at the outlet mall on the weekend. As well, as a girls night and a pool party. You can tell summer is here because weekends are packed full! 

I absolutely love shopping downtown Oakville and finding random stores full of amazing outfits. I found these super cute pants, which I have noticed are the new style. Cargo pants. They’re loose and baggy but tight at the bottom and SO comfy. Whoever invented this style, thank you. As well when we were in Oakville we had lunch on the patio at a delicious little bistro. I got an amazing Kale Salad and my mom ordered a panini and salad. Both were just amazing and mine of course was gluten free. 

Next up was a quick visit to J Crew, my go to favourite store. I found some super cute shorts and pants, both are high waisted and again so comfy. It feels like I’m wearing stylish pajamas in public, uhhh a-mazing!As I said, I also had a girls night and a pool party to go too. I just love summer time, there is always so much going on hanging out with family and friends and of course, the sun. 

Life lately has been so full of fun, love & happiness. If you’re looking for a way to spend a girls day, I highly suggest shopping and lunch in Oakville. 

“If good you give, hope for better, and when better is achieved, hope for extraordinary.” –Mickey Mouse

– tal xo 

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