Friday Favourites 

Here are a few of my Friday favourites…

1. The cottage –  May 24 always puts me in the mood for summer. It makes me appreciate so much having a cottage on the lake, where I can relax, hang out with friends and family and just enjoy myself. 

2. These gluten free granola bars –  If anyone has allergies, or kids who go to school where there are allergies, these are the best granola bars ever. Not only do they taste good (which lets be serious, a lot of gluten free bars suck) they also are such a good price at Costco. Usually I buy two boxes at a time and stick these little bars everywhere. My purse, work bag, lunch, coat pocket. Just the best. 

3. My fireplace mantle – Because I just love it. I don’t think I can go more than two weeks without buying more decorative stuff. Whether it’s for my balcony, my mantle, my bedroom. But let’s just say, considering I’ve only been here since November, my mantle has had way too many looks! 

4. Runs & the gym – I never thought I would say going for runs and to the gym is one of my favorite things over yoga, but right now it’s just hitting the spot. 

5. Bartending – Every single time I bartend, I go home saying I should have done that as a full time career. I love bartending. Chatting with people, learning so much about people you don’t even know, socializing. One of these days I’m going to go out on a whim and get a job at the Ranch, or Dallas and bartend for 6 months and get it out of my system. But until then, I will continue bartending weddings and stag and does for these awesome bosses!

There we have it, 5 of my favourite things right now. Enjoy this beautiful long weekend. And remember every day is a fresh start, write your story exactly how you want to write it. And if it doesn’t work, try again the next day. 

– tal xo 

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