Friday Favourites

Here are five of my favourite things right now… 

1. My balcony – I mean come on, how could this not be one of my favourite things?! I just love laying out there, drinking my coffee and relaxing. I keep buying more stuff to add, and soon I am literally going to have no space left. But until then…I’ll keep on shopping! 

2. This kid – because he’s just too darn cute to not be my favourite person of all time. He has recently learnt what kisses are, so when I ask him for kisses he’ll run across the room and kiss me. Just the best. We also have a Sunday night ritual, where when everyone else is in the living room watching tv, I leave to go home and Parker is standing at the window at the door watching me leave. Every single Sunday he makes me feel so sad about leaving. 

3. Homemade Granola – I just can’t get enough of this. Everytime I run out (which is quite often since I eat it non stop) I can’t make a new batch quick enough. It is so delicious mixed with greek yogurt and fresh fruit. Plus it’s just so easy to make. Melt real maple syrup, fresh local honey and coconut oil on the stove top. In a separate bowl mix oats, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and cinnamon. Mix the dry and wet together. Spread out on a pan and bake at 300F for about 45 min. (Make sure to stir the mixture on the pan every so often.) Feel free to also add nuts, because I bring it to work everyday I don’t add nuts due to allergies. 

4. Saje Diffuser – I just bought a new Saje diffuser and I am absolutely in love. I love the simple, classy look it brings to a room. Some diffusers can be so big and ugly and take away from a room. This one is so elegant looking and matches my living room perfectly. Plus the “liquid sunshine” smell it gives off isn’t too bad either!

5. This quote – I always seem to have favourite quotes; they change, they vary, they come and they go. Right now, this quote speaks volumes and is something that I’m working very hard on. It’s so easy to love others, so easy to love things about your life, things in your life. But most importantly, you need to love yourself. I feel like this has been something I have been struggling with for the past two year, and I can’t wait for the day when loving myself is #1 on my list. 

& there we have it, a few of my favourite things right now. Love yourself, enjoy life and appreciate all that you have. 

“If you keep dreaming, I just know that someday you can make your wishes come true.” –Cinderella 

– tal xo 


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