Allowing & Appreciating Life

Last night my sister and I went to yoga. I love nothing more than getting my butt kicked by Nerine at yoga. Ok that’s partially a lie, during the class I kind of want to punch her because she’s killing me but afterwards, I feel so good. 

At the end of the class, when everyone was beyond exhausted, laying in total silence she read a writing to us. 

It really made me stop and think. 

Appreciate everyone, just the way they are. For their flaws, their perfections, their imperfections. There is no need to change people, instead we need to appreciate and enjoy everyone the way they are. 

But the best part about this entire thing, is after I took in so much from listening to her read this. And really ready to apply it to my life, we open our eyes and my sister starts laughing. Weird, I thought? Why is she laughing? Did someone do something funny? 

She says, ya Tali, treat guys like trees. Appreciate them for who they are, some are going to be bent and not perfect. Maybe they just didn’t get enough light. Maybe you shouldn’t get all emotional about it, and just accept them. 

Ahhh fine. She has a point. 

Let’s just say, I took away a lot more than an hour worth of exercise from this yoga class. 

Appreciate the big, the small, the positive, the negative. Stop worrying about change, and take everything for what it is. 

– tal xo 


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