Outdoor Living — Balcony Complete!

So I have been looking at pictures, designing things in my head, constantly thinking about how I can make my balcony into an extension of my living room. I love reading outside, laying in the sun and enjoying the peace and quiet that the outdoors brings. But also, while living in a condo it’s important to take advantage of all possible space and not waste any. 

While I was away at work yesterday (celebrating the best birthday party ever with a group of amazing kids), a fairy princess came and decorated my balcony!! (Also known as my amazing mother.) I came home after a delicious birthday dinner at the Chop House, to what I thought was just cake and ice cream with the family, until I realized my balcony had been done. 

I absolutely love it. My biggest thing when talking about decorating out there, was I wanted a lounger. I want to be comfortable and I want to be able to relax. Which is exactly now what I have. I can go out there and read a book, or take a nap or just lay and relax in the sun. The colour scheme is an extension of the inside of my condo, so the balcony doesn’t seem separate but instead apart of the inside layout. 

I think HomeSense and a Nursery are calling my name so I can add even a few more things to this space to make it fully complete. 

Don’t ever think you’re done designing, there’s always something more you can do! Like an outdoor living space. Open your mind, expand your thoughts and make a deck into a part of your home. 

“Sometimes the things that you’re looking for, you can’t see with your eyes. You have to see them with your heart.” -Peter Pan 

– tal xo 

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Living — Balcony Complete!

  1. Hi Tali! I love your blog! I’m wondering where your balcony lounger is from? Or where I can buy something similar. I am wanting to decorate our pool deck this summer (without breaking the bank) and have been looking around for something stylish and affordable. Any suggestions!?

    1. Hi Nicole! It’s from Home Depot, it was really reasonable I thought, $100 and it’s very comfy plus classy looking! I love the look of loungers with cushions, but they can be so unrealistic with having to bring the cushions in everynight.

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