Comfy, cozy outdoor living…

Is spring finally, really, actually here to stay!? After both yesterday’s weather as well as the weekend, I’m starting to wonder if the weather man skipped spring and moved right on to summer. In which case, I have no complaints and am totally cool with.   This past weekend I spent a ton of time relaxing and hanging out outside. But it did make me realize, I really need to get on decorating my balcony so I can spend more time out there. My eyes are peeled for outdoor furniture, candles, pillows, lamps, lighting etc. 

How cute and cozy is this picture I took off Pinterest of an outdoor living  space? I want comfy, and I want cozy and I maybe even want romantic (candles, candles, candles). It’s possible to do a lot with a small space. 

I went out with the Mosaic Spa ladies on the weekend to a hypnotist show, and let’s just say I haven’t laughed so hard in months. It was one of the funniest shows I have ever been too. If you’re looking for something to do with your girlfriends, try out a hypnotist show.  I ended the weekend with a party at my aunts for her kids baptism. Sunday was such amazing weather that we spent the entire day after church outside by her pool (although her pool wasn’t open yet since when do we ever have this nice of weather in April?!) I had my first bbq’ed burger and it tasted amazing. Little tip for anyone who is trying to cut back on gluten…I know it seems nearly impossible to cut out gluten for the summer, but by not eating a bun with your burger it cuts out a HUGE amount of bread. And the burger with all the toppings still tastes amazing. Only difference, you need a knife and fork.   Keep enjoying the sunshine; get outside for runs, read a book in your backyard or maybe even throw out your yoga mat on your grass. Keep healthy, eat well & most importantly smile. 

“Things don’t always work out the first time, but keep trying.” –Donald Duck

– tal xo 

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