Try new things, go new places & open your heart to new opportunities. 

It’s Monday again…where did March break go and how is it possibly almost Easter?! March break totally flew by as most holidays do, but this was such a fun, full of activities March break. It was also a week full of reminders to put yourself out there, try new things & realize that everything happens for a reason.   It’s weird how timing works…how things always happen at a certain time, for a certain reason. I find when I’m away from work I always take the time to realize so many new things. My mom and I headed to Ottawa where we got to both do entertaining things as well as relax. 

We started off by going to a Sens game. My cousin (& what seems like all his friends too) work for the Sens. We had some really awesome seats, and it was a great time.    

 We then went to the Nordik Spa, which I can’t even explain how amazing it was. Apparently it’s similar to the Scandinave spa but way bigger. We each had massages and then spent the afternoon in the pools, hot tubs and saunas. As well as eating an absolute delicious lunch. If you want to relax, I would highly suggest going here. Unfortunately cell phones aren’t allowed so we weren’t able to take pictures of the pools. It actually was one of my favourite things about the place, no one was walking around head down texting. It let everyone really truly relax. I don’t know the last time I locked up my iPhone for 5 hours.   The highlight of our trip was definitely all the delicious food we ate. I told my mom on the way there that I didn’t want to eat at any chain restaurants. I absolutely hate wasting calories on pre made, gross, preservative filled meals. Especially when there are so many restaurants out there that cook fresh and from scratch. It all started with a little Cafe in Ganonaque on the way to Ottawa. I ordered the most delicious, fresh, gluten free sandwich.   Be open to new things; open your heart, your eyes and your mind. You never know what life has in store for you.   – tal xo 

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