Change the way you look at things…

As some of you may have noticed, I have revamped my blog! Changed the colours, style and layout. Just to give it a fun and stylish update which suits what I’m blogging about better.   The new update can vary depending on what type of device you are using. The revamp looks best on an iPad, and an iPhone. Weirdly enough, it doesn’t look as great on a PC. Apparently WordPress must realize that not very many people are reading blogs on a PC! 

The only major change (other than the look of it) is the tabs under Menu. You can now click on About, Nutrition, Style & Teaching to learn more about why I blog about those topics. 

this is the mobile device; to find the different tabs click on the drop down menu button.
here is the iPad version; you don’t need to click on a drop down menu button, the tabs appear across the top on their own.

Although change can be hard for many people, it’s always good to give your life a little update no matter what that may mean. 

Here’s a little update on my life lately. I just have to show you these beautiful pink roses that a little girl from my class brought me on Friday. I love nothing more than fresh flowers in my condo. Plus, the fact that she knew my favourite colour is pink and told me that’s why she picked them, just melts my heart.   On the weekend we celebrated my sisters 29th birthday. We went to Golf Steakhouse (so delicious) for dinner and came home for cake, ice cream and presents afterwards.   Time spent with family, and especially my Grandma, is just the best.  

It’s the little changes in life, that can make such big changes in your happiness. 

“The only thing that is impossible is impossibility.” – Phineas

– tal xo 

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