Friday Favourites

Everytime I write my weekly Friday favourites post, it surprises me that we’re already back at Friday. It really just proves more than anything how quickly time really does fly by. Enjoy every last minute. Take everything in. Because life passes us by quicker than we’ll ever know. Enjoy a few of my favourite girly things today that are absolute must haves in my condo… 

1. Clinique Even Better – this is the best foundation I have ever owned. I absolutely love it. And the very best part is it has SPF right in it, so on days during the winter when you think you’re not getting any sun even though you are, this is still protecting your skin. A quick and easy tip; if you’re scared putting on foundation because you’re nervous it will look too thick, scared you’ll have lines on your jaw line, add some foundation to your facial cream mix together and apply to face as you would normally with just the cream. This spreads it out so nicely, no foundation brush or sponge needed. {find this at any Clinque counter at The Bay, Sears or the Cosmetic Company located at The Toronto Premium Outlets. There you will get approx. 25% off what you will pay at Sears or The Bay} 2. Matrix Vavoom Hairspray – the best hair spray I have ever, and will only ever own. I have got all of my family absolutely hooked on this stuff. It doesn’t leave your hair sticky, stiff, greasy. It leaves it still soft but keeps it in place.  {find it at any hair studio that sells Matrix OR order from me directly but pick up from me is required}  3. Whish Body Butter {lavender} – it’s organic, it’s natural but more importantly it leaves your skin both feeling amazingly soft AND smells delicious. {find it at Mosaic Spa in Fergus}  4. Matrix Leave In Treatment – this stuff has saved my hair. Because I always go so blonde, my hair has the potential of being dry, broken, dead and never growing. I don’t miss a day without putting this all over my wet hair after the shower, and it has honestly worked wonders. My hair is so much healthier and grows so much faster now that I use this. {find it at a hair studio which uses matrix}   5. Eufora Powder Lift – you want volume? This stuff gives you incredible volume. You put a tiny bit of the powder at your roots, and softly massage it in. Then, for hours you can push up your hair at the roots and the powder is slightly sticky so it lets you add volume. With that being said, it doesn’t leave your hair greasy or dirty looking, just volume-licious! {find it at Martin Cooper hair studio which is at the same location as mosaic spa} 

There we have it, a few of my favourite girly products that I can’t live without. The second I’m getting low on any of these, I’m out buying more. Enjoy today & enjoy the week. Slow down, relax, smile and enjoy. You have no idea what one simple smile can do for another’s feelings. 

“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.” –Walt Disney

– tal xo 


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