Be the best you can be… 

This week has been full of a whole lot of soul searching, positive thinking, book reading, quote finding kind of days.   It’s been a good, full week so far of a lot of working on me. My confidence, my positive thinking and me realizing that I can’t change each and every person in the world so I need to just focus on being the best I can be. 

It’s funny how much we try to change others, to make ourselves feel better. If they stop being mean, I will feel better. If they start including me more, I will feel better. If they stop talking behind my back, I will feel better. But instead, I am working on me. On my own confidence, so when someone is doing something hurtful, or someone doesn’t like me, I can brush it off and move on. Be the change you want to see.  I have been going to yoga, as well as teaching yoga to my class every single morning and I think this is so amazing for both my mind and theirs. Taking any amount of time in a day to just give your body and mind time to itself can be so beneficial.  And of course, spending time with Parker always brings a huge smile to my face. Especially when he cuddles and falls asleep on me for an hour, which forced me to lay on the couch without moving so he wouldn’t wake up. Wasn’t a bad way to spend an hour of my day!  Stay positive, be confident, and live a happy life. (Sounds so very simple doesn’t it?!) & of course if you need an extra latte to make the day better, order an extra latte. 😉 

“Where there is kindness, there is goodness. And where there is goodness, there is magic.” – Cinderella

– tal xo 

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