Be kind, be gentle, be still…

After a long, hard, emotional day yesterday, I got home after work and laid down on the couch. I was sitting there thinking a million negative thoughts. Why can’t my life be simple? What do I do so wrong, for people to dislike me so much? How can I be better? How can I be different? How can I change?   Right then, in the midst of these thoughts my phone rang. Grandma Eileen popped up on the caller ID. She asked if I wanted to come over for supper, I said of course that I would be over in half an hour.   I sat on my couch for another 30 minutes, continuing all the same thoughts. Questioning every last detail of myself. On my way out the door, I emailed my therapist. “When can I come?” It’s been a year since visiting her, and right then and there I knew I needed her again. 

We all go through bad times, emotional times, through ups through downs. And I can bet that for most people, the outside world has no idea. We are so good at portraying a perfect life. Instagram photos, Facebook, social media updates everywhere with perfectly happy, perfectly perfect pictures plastered everywhere. Because why would we ever let the world into the real truth? Why would we want anyone to know we’re struggling? That in fact we aren’t happy with ourselves, that we would do anything for that one person to just be nice to us. Because that’s the world we live in.  

someone sent me a random, sweet, kind msg in the midst of my horrible day & i dont think she has any idea how much it meant.

While sitting with my Grandma, she did more than a therapist could ever do. We discussed how all of these anti bullying campaigns need to be directed at adults, not kids. Where do we think kids are learning this behaviour from? From the adults surrounding them.   We talked about how things happen, how people feel depressed, all behind closed doors that no one has any idea about. Children and adults both are holding deep dark secrets and screaming for help in all sorts of ways. And yet from the outside eye, you really have no idea what they’re going through. 

We need to change our world, one voice at a time. Be nice. Love each other. You truly have no idea what the person pretending to smile  beside you is going through, so be kind.   Here is a song that I have been absolutely in love with since the first time I heard it laying in savashna in a yoga class taught by one of my favourite instructors. No matter what your religious belief may be, whether you believe or not, I feel you can gain a lot from this song. 

Be Still Music Video with Lyrics

Be kind. Be gentle. Be still. No one knows what kind of battle the person beside you is going through. So be nice. 

“This too shall pass.” 

– with hugs, tal xo 


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