Talking skin, body & essential oils. 

So for anyone who knows me, they know that I am high maintenance. Actually I’m not even sure if high maintenance does me justice. I’m the extreme, highest version of high maintenance. I love girly. All things girly. Whether it’s the spa, fashion, style, decorating, hair, make up…whatever it is, I love it girly.   

can you say girly girl x a thousand!

There are two things when it comes to the body and skin that I absolutely need in my life; Vivier and Saje. One is skincare and the other is essential oils.   

Vivier pharmaceuticals is the best skincare line I have ever used. I started using it years ago, and have never switched since. Because of going to school for Esthetics originally, I learnt so much on the importance of proper skincare. {side note story} One of my professors came into class one morning and mentioned it was her birthday, we all started guessing her age, a few 32’s were yelled out, the odd 34…she was 45. Our jaws dropped. She told us, “I’ve been using proper skincare since I was 18”. From that day forward I have never put any junk onto my face.  I love all of Viviers products but if I could only choose two, it would be there Hexam cleanser and Lexxel facial cream. I literally don’t go anywhere without these two products. Whether it’s a hotel for a wedding, the cottage, Cuba, Florida, my best friends for a sleep over. They never leave my side and I can’t live without them. If you’re in search for a new skin care line, check out Vivier at Mosaic Spa. Amazing.  

 Next up, essential oils. There is a lot of talk on essential oils these days and I personally love them. I have seen a huge change in my body and skin since using them. I have tried many different lines and have permanently chosen Saje Wellness. I love all things Saje. But my favourite part? I love how I can walk into a store and look through their product, smell oils, test lotions. I am a visual learner, I love having the ability to see, feel and touch everything I’m looking at buying before buying it. Plus, they have amazing prices.  

the pretty diffuser i always have going in my living room. you walk into my condo and instantly feel relaxed (so im told from people).
2million hour drive to florida…got through it with Saje’s eye mask and relaxing mist.

Saje is slowly but surely taking over my condo. My cupboard is full, there’s lotion at my sink, there’s room spray on the counter in the bathroom, on my bed side table. There’s foot balm in my bed room and a diffuser in my living room and bedroom. And of course lip balm in every room, not to mention every possible roller bottle in my purse. I have this stuff everywhere. It works. And I love it.    


If you have any questions about any of my favourite products leave a comment and I’ll be sure to answer! 

Happy Monday and happy taking care of your skin, your body & your health. You only have one of you, take good care of it.   – tal xo 


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