Who knows what the future may hold…

There are two major things, one in the recent past and one in the near future that are mainly on my mind when it comes to today. 

  The plunger plop. It was this past weekend and it was an absolute blast. Every year I wonder how it’s possible for the weekend to fly by so so fast. But again, it did. We played lots of games, we had a pot luck lunch (with SO much food), we hung out with friends and family. And it was just an all around super fun day.    

 The next thing on my mind is my cousins wedding which is this weekend. I can’t believe it is almost here! I remember when they asked me to be the MC I was so excited but also thought, oh that’s so far away I don’t even need to start thinking about it yet. And here we are, with the wedding fast approaching this weekend.   I am so happy that Leigh & Brock found each other and are so truly in love. It’s amazing to see relationships like this really are possible. And I’m even more excited to celebrate with them all weekend.  

  Acouple of years ago had you of asked Leigh if this is what she saw in her future, I bet she would have said no. It’s amazing what can happen in someone’s life that you could never even dream of. She met her tenants brother, fell in absolute love and moved 6 hours away to build a life together. Stay positive, and dream big…no one knows what the future may hold. 

“Never look back. If Cinderella went back to pick up her shoe, she wouldn’t have become a princess.”

– tal xo 


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