Friday Favourites

Back to my weekly, Friday favourites blog post. Here are a few of my favourite things right now…  1. Costume Jewlery – I am loving costume jewellery, what I don’t love about it? The 64 dollar price tags. I don’t know who decided they could sell these necklaces for such a high cost, but aside from that I absolutely love the look of them. I try and get mine at J Crew on sale. The two recent ones I’ve bought have been regular $64 and I bought them for around $14. Deal and a half! Wear these necklaces dressed up, dressed down. All the time. They make any outfit look great.  Ps don’t forget your 15% teacher discount at J Crew.   

 2. Starbucks – but this time a different drink. Yesterday when I stopped at Starbucks I was thirsty. I needed something cold and not my usual go to latte. I tried a Passion Tango Shaken Ice Tea…one word, delicious. So yummy. Next time you go try one. 

3. Sleepovers with the bestie –  wait what? I’m 26 years old and have sleep overs on week nights? Why yes, yes I do. I love when Kim comes early for a weekend and stays over at my place and goes to work from here. It’s one of my favourite things, minus the going to sleep at midnight factor since we stay up talking about who knows what way too late. It’s the little things.    

4. Shakti Power Studio – Yoga, it’s a definite favourite in my life right now (& always). Nerine absolutely kicks our butts, I leave feeling so energized and at the same time my mind so calm. And even better is how 4 of us girls go and it’s a hang out for us too!   

5. PLUNGER PLOP!!!!!!!  My absolute favourite of favourites right now. It’s as exciting as Christmas Day. A whole day spent outside, out on an ice rink throwing plungers at toilets and trying to kick every other teams a**. Which let me just mention, I have won before and may just win again this year. As long as my team doesn’t get disqualified for not showing up to a game (that may or may not have happened last year…). Such a fun, competitive day that I look forward to all year long! 


no biggie…but with 200 people in the tourney WE got our names on the trophy!


And there we have it 5 favourites. What are you favourite things right now? Happy Fri-Yay!!

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” –Walt Disney

– tal xo 


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