Dream Big

Sunday morning, my sister mom Parker and I headed to church. To be honest, there are many churches I go to that I walk away from thinking, wait, what did he say? Wait what did he mean? But the church we go to, I absolutely love. He talks about real life, about issues, concerns, dreams, hopes, that relate to the world right now. And that makes me enjoy going to church so much more.   This past week he was talking about dreaming big. And although many people tell you day after day to keep dreaming, his sermon really hit me. 

Dream big, pray for your dreams, persevere through obstacles. Anything really is possible as long as you put your mind to it. 

If you want something, pray for it. Simple as that.   There are so many things in my life that have happened, that I really truly never thought would. I had big huge dreams to teach kindergarten one day, but really never thought it was possible. Until I set my mind to it, prayed, persevered, and now I teach kindergarten.   

my own classroom…who would have thought!

I also, never ever in a million years thought I would own a home by myself. Had you of asked me even 2 years ago if I would own a place all by myself, I would have said no. I wouldn’t have even thought about it, a simple, quick no would have come out of my mouth. And now, because of dreaming so big I own this place all by myself.  

move in day to my very own home.

Once a person said to me, I’ve accomplished what I want, I don’t have anymore dreams. And to be perfectly honest, I was sad for them. I cannot imagine living life with no dreams. Wouldn’t that be boring? What an awful way to live. Dream big, Dream huge. Even if you don’t think it’s possible, it is. 

No matter what your dreams may be, pray, persevere, put your mind to it and one day your dreams really will come true. 

Do you think Justin Bieber ever really thought he would be where he is today? No, but he dreamed big, persevered and look where he is. Or my skating coach Pauline, she dreamed so big. She wanted to open a yoga studio and have other people franchise off her, so she quit her full time (amazing income) career, dreamed big, persevered and now she is the co-owner of Power Yoga Canada which is up to 8 locations.  

the start of it all…

the start of it all…
now! huge communities absolutely love PYC.
Dream big. Pray lots. And perserver. Life would get awfully boring if you didn’t have big dreams to dream about! 

“I found true love because I kept a beautiful dream in my heart.” –Cinderella

– tal xo 


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