Condo Reno’s

So believe it or not, although I moved into a new build, the reno’s have already started.   When I was picking out everything for my condo way back when, and choosing what upgrades I thought I really wanted, $1900 for a backsplash just wasn’t one of them. No part of me could justify spending that much money on a backsplash. Mind you, with that being said, I did still really want a backsplash. 

Insert neighbour Sheldon here. He is a mason so obviously would be good at doing backsplash. He did his, and I wanted mine done.  

meet sheldon.

My mom and I went to a few places Friday afternoon after school and picked out some tiles I liked. But of course, my favourite tile was $11 a sq ft. Before I went I had $1.99 a sq ft in my mind. So $11 was going way, like I mean way over budget. And really just wasn’t an option. 

We ended up going to Source Flooring in Kitchener which has left over supply and random boxes of tiles for a much lower price, but not a huge selection. If they have want you want, you’re in luck. And they did! They had my white marble tile which was $11 a sq ft for only 2.97 a sq ft!! I was super pumped. Plus no tax.   Let’s just say my amazing, beautiful backsplash cost a lot less than $1900.     


I am so happy with how it turned out and it really completed my entire kitchen. I also bought a kitchen light at Home Depot on the weekend so now that that is up too, my kitchen is complete. (Minus my missing cupboards which are being fixed and SHOULD be back today, fingers crossed.) I have a lot of crystal lights in my condo, so for the kitchen I wanted something simple but classy so it wouldn’t fight with all of the other lights. This was perfect.    

 Along with the backsplash getting done, we also had my cousins fiances wedding shower and on Sunday we went to church and then some shopping. It was such a fun packed weekend, I was sad to see it end. It makes me enjoy every second of every weekend knowing how fast they fly by.   

“Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” –Rafiki

– tal xo 

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