Friday Favourites

Here are a few of my favourite things right now…

1. This boy visiting me at work- I absolutely love when Parker boy comes to visit my class at work. The kids absolutely adore him. The other day a little girl said “WHAT????? Miss Scott, you don’t have a husband????” (Absolutely shocked and almost disgusted.) Another girl piped in “Don’t worry, she has Parker.” I think they think he’s mine! 
 2. Hang outs with my bestie – I don’t know how we manage to do it, but this girl and I manage to have the absolute most random fun ever no matter where we are or what we’re doing.    

3. Starbucks – Do I even need to say anything more? I just absolutely love Starbucks. Whether it’s a skinny vanilla latte (which yes is apparently not 100% gluten free, but it has never bothered my tummy) or a skinny vanilla iced coffee. They both just always, hit the spot. 

4. Shellac –  Why does anyone ever continue to get a regular manicure these days? It’s called shellac ladies. It doesn’t chip, it stays shiney, and it’s just amazing. I’m addicted and get it done every 2-3 weeks and I’m telling you, you all should be addicted too.   

5. Fresh veggies always cut & ready to eat – I cannot even go a day without having my Tupperware containers in my fridge full of fresh cut up veggies. It makes eating healthy so quick and simple. When you go to your fridge and stare at it for 20 minutes waiting for something to pop out, you can easily and quickly grab a handful of veggies to snack on. Plus makes for making lunches that much easier. As soon as you get home from the grocery store, wash and cut everything up.    6. Poached eggs & avocado – My go to breakfast right now, a couple poached eggs on a rice cake with avocado covered in pepper and sea salt. This with a coffee in the morning absolutely just hits the spot, and is so healthy!   

7. Bachelorette & wedding fun – all of a sudden everyone in my life who isn’t already married, is getting married! I have recently been asked to be the bridesmaid in two of my good friends weddings, plus am the MC in an upcoming wedding. So much wedding fun!   


wedding speech prep for the upcoming wedding in Feb. that im the MC for!
There we have it, some of my Friday favourites. Yay for the weekend. Enjoy every second of it, because Monday will be here before you know it. Be happy & be kind. You never know what someone may just be going though, a kind heart is always the best heart. 

“You always believe in other people, but that’s easy. Sooner or later, you gotta believe in yourself too.” –Gary (The Muppets)

– tal xo 


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