He’s One!

I can’t even believe I’m saying it, but on Sunday Mr Parker Pants, also known as Poopeyhead (ha that’s my name for him) turned one.   I don’t know where the year went, but it feels like yesterday that all 4 pounds of him was born. I was positive this little baby was coming in February or possibly even March and I was also sure if he was a he, his name would be Jake. I also thought boy or girl, the baby would come out full on ginger. I was oh so wrong on so many things.   But one thing I never could have guessed ahead of time, was how in love with this little baby I’d be. I can’t believe how within seconds of holding Parker I was absolutely in love. He melted my heart so quickly and over the past year just continues to melt it more and more.    This boy has changed my life by making me an Auntie. And I absolutely cannot wait to see what the next year of his life may bring.   Love you to the moon & back poopeyhead. 

“They say that home is where the heart is, so follow your heart and know that you can’t go wrong.” –Tigger

-auntie tal xo 


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