5 Favourites 

Good morning Wednesday! It’s hump day, yay!! Here are a few of my favourite things lately…

1. Pretending I’m on the beach –  legitametly I like to think about the beach and pretend I’m there. I am not a winter fan, so I like to dream on a daily basis about the beach. (Real cool, I know ha but I swear this works to brighten a mood.)   

 2. Enjoying my condo – I never thought I would see the day where hanging out at home would be so intriguing. But boy do I love coming home and enjoying a night to myself to read and enjoy the new place.    3. Gluten free baking – I have really been enjoying baking lately. Usually I’m always a cooker, but recently coming up with gluten free recipes for cookies and desserts has been my go to. (Especially these delicious chocolate chip cookies.)    4. The Gifts of Imperfection – I have been absolutely loving this book and learning so much from it. If you’re looking for a new book, one in which you can learn from and take in a lot about yourself, this is the one. I ordered it off Amazon, and love it.  Give yourself time to read this book, although it looks short I find myself stopping every other page to think and take in what I just read. It’s not a quick and easy book, it’s a take your time learn from it book.  

5. This quote – seems random I know that a quote could be one of my favourite things, but it is. I read this quote and it really hit home, I think especially because I’m in the middle of reading The Gifts of Imperfection, it makes me think about me. About me and my life. Doesn’t matter what is going on in others lives and what they’re doing, or what they’re thinking of you. Just focus on you. Your life. Your happiness. Because ultimately that’s what matters. I will admit that my biggest trouble in life is ignoring what others think. When I have a feeling someone doesn’t like me (for whatever the reason may be) it truly hurts my heart. I let it bother me more than I should and it’s something that I am working on. So my advice comes from deep inside me, don’t let what others are doing or what others are thinking ruin your day. You are you. No one else can be you, and there’s a reason you’re here the way you are. So enjoy it and don’t change it for others.    Life is short, don’t waste it worrying what others think. Be happy, be hopeful & dream big. Because if you’re not you, who is? 

“Just change your perspective, your point of view. The magic of your dreams is right inside of you.” – Peter Pan 

– tal xo 


One thought on “5 Favourites 

  1. I am reading the gifts of imperfection as well! Such a great read, and I’m journaling alongside it! Too much great stuff in there to miss! How long have you been doing visualizing? Ever read The Secret or The Power? I’ve been working on visualizations for a couple years now and I’m actually taking a course on them!

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