Decorating & Designing 

After taking down all of the Christmas decorations and giving the condo a good cleaning, when I was finally finished and sat down I could only think one thing…this place looks bare! I decided a shopping trip for a few more decorations was in need.   My mantle was so full of Christmas decorations and it looked so pretty being full, so I needed some things to fill it back up. I love candles, but it’s really nice when you don’t actually need to light real ones but can still get the candle look. I got all of my fake candles at either homesense or IKEA. The ones from homesense even smell pretty! Then I added these wood sticks to fill up bare space. The tall candle holders are from Kady market when we were up at the cottage in the summer. And of course there’s a Saje diffuser with essential oils.    

   I always love the feeling that seashells give off in a room. They have such a calming relaxed feel to them. So I used a white vase I already had and added white and grey seashells which I bought at no other than, Homesense!   Lastly, I was on the hunt for a laundry hamper. I had been using an old bag in my closet for dirty clothes because I hadn’t found the perfect hamper. Finally today I did. It is blue wore and then a cloth bag to hold the clothes. It’s the perfect shape and size for the corner of my walk in closet.     I also added some new literature to the coffee table. I think it’s key to add pretty looking books which also have good content to a living room space. This gives visitors something easy to pick up and look at while they’re hanging out. Plus have I mentioned how much I love my fireplace?! Nothing makes a room cozier in winter than a fireplace going.   Happy Monday to you all & happy decorating. A quick trip to Homesense can add so much decorating to your home. And for such a good price too. Have a happy and positive week everyone! 

  – tal xo 


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