What’s Up Wednesday 

Well now that vaca is over & everyone is back to life as usual, how does it feel to be in 2016? Oh right, feels the exact same! At least to me anyways.   Yesterday I wrote a cheque for my cousin and like always in January of a new year, I almost wrote the wrong year! I can’t wait to see what amazing things this year is going to bring, but before we get too far into a new year here are a few pictures from my December. Since I didn’t blog much (ok I know like not at all) last month. 

1. Christmas with the Scott’s    


still believin at 26, & santa still came!
our matching Roots socks.
 2. We drove to Florida, yes drove all.the.way.there. Holy longest drive, ever.  
my amazing eye cover sprayed with essential oils, best way to sleep in the car.
finally there.
 3. Stayed in an awesome house with our own pool, so many bedrooms & a games room!  
taking selfies by the pool.
 4. Disney & Universal as an adult … amazing.  
this is me … going on all the rides by myself.

$12 sundaes right there (plus the exchange so we enjoyed $17 ice cream sundaes, yes they were delish.
parker LOVED Potter’s butterbeer (dont worry, its non alcoholic)
got SOAKED on this log ride.
my second home. if only i was a princess.
There we have it the top 4 things going on in December! And now January and Feburary which are generally calm relaxed non busy months, are full of fun activities! My cousin is getting married so I have the bachelorette, shower, wedding & the oh so famous plunger plop. Bring it on 2016, I’m ready.   

– tal xo 

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