Happy New Year & Happy Monday!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! Sorry I went a little MIA, I went on a family vaca to Disney right after Christmas so decided to put the blog writing on pause. Mostly because I wanted to dedicate all of my time to Mickey Mouse.   But I hope everyone had a great holiday and are ready for the new year. Because whether you’re ready or not, 2016 is here! So let’s make it a good one.  For anyone who hasn’t been to Universal or Magic Kingdom, you must go. Absolutely, must go. They are the most magical places on earth, seriously. And for all of you who say “I’m waiting until my kids are old enough to remember” screw that! Imagine how you are going to feel watching your two year old absolutely light up seeing Mickey or your four year old absolutely adoring Elsa walking through the park. I’ve been to Disney multiple times, and at all different ages it has always been such a great experience.    

this is the castle all lit up after an AMAZING fireworks display.
 The highlight for sure this time was watching Parker ride through It’s A Small World. He absolutely LOVED it. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him so beyond excited and happy. I don’t know how Disney does it, but they seriously make everyone at every age (especially little kids) just so happy. And for all of you gluten free/healthy peeps, although there were no actual gluten free options at either Disney or Universal, both parks had delicious healthy salads for very reasonable prices. I paired all meals with a glass of ice water, and I walked away feeling good about what I ate. As well Universal had a huge fruit cup as a snack option for a decent price. Plus I threw in a few KIND bars to have with me. Eating healthy was surprisingly very easy. 
this is on the “its a small world” ride.
i was a happy camper because i found a starbucks to start off my morning.
    As for universal, it is just as amazing of a park. The staff are just so happy and helpful, the most positive friendly people you could come across. They knew you were looking for something and offering help before you even know you’re looking for something. And I will admit, Harry Potter land is incredible. Absolutely incredible. (& I’m not even a Harry Potter reading nerd, and still loved it!)    
how incredible is this castle?? you’d swear this was a fake picture, but i really took it. universal is one amazing place.
 Here we are already in January, and I hope you had fantastic holidays with friends and family. Time to make all kinds of New Years resolutions, and decide what kind of year we are going to have. But let’s be serious, no one can predict the future and no one knows what is in store for 2016 so let’s just be happy and enjoy every day as it comes.    

– tal xo 


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