What’s Up Wednesday…

Well for starters, only 9 sleeps until Santa comes!!! That’s pretty much the biggest thing that’s up right now. It also means the kids in my class are absolutely wild. So that’s always a good time. And it means that my Christmas wrapping needs to get done asap. 

  Ok so aside from all of that, I am trying to remember to relax and just enjoy the Christmas season. Instead of stressing and missing it all go by. Last night at yoga, Nerine the instructor, told my sister and I a really interesting fact. She told us, the reason as adults life goes by so fast and not as kids, is because kids are always in the present. When they’re playing soccer at recess they’re not stressing over their test next week. When they’re eating their bedtime snack, they’re not worried about what tomorrow is going to bring. At Christmas, they’re enjoying Christmas not thinking about what’s going on in January. It makes total and complete sense. Why can’t we all have just a little bit more kid in us? If only the world took after kids, instead of adults I think this world would be a better place.    

 So today, while worrying about this that and the other thing, just enjoy the season. Enjoy right now, today, this moment. Because you will never get it back.   

 The other night I finally laid down on my couch (which I always seem too busy to do), made popcorn and watched a Christmas movie. It was awesome. And I need to do it more often.   And to send you all off on a super positive note, look at how absolutely adorable my nephew is!   It’s the most wonderful time of the year…remember that & enjoy it. Every last second. Be present, be here & enjoy the now.   
– tal xo 

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