It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

Oh how I love December. Christmas spirit is everywhere. Schools, malls, the streets…just about everywhere. People smile more, people love more & well people stress way more. I have realized this time of year it is even more important to continue your regular exercise routine. Although this is a crazy, super busy time, exercise and meditation is what’s going to get you through. I have had a few people ask me lately where I go to yoga, Shakti Studios. It’s in Fergus above the old general store, and Nerine teaches one of the best yoga classes, ever. Seriously. She kicks your butt, but you still leave feeling relaxed and renewed. 

 During this time of year I love how much family involvement there is. Well ok mostly I love how much I get to see Parker. The other night him and I got to hang out just the two of us, and it was an action filled night. Full of grocery shopping, bath time, and watching Netflix. Seriously what beats that!?  

& to finish off I just absolutely have to tell you all about my new neighbour. He’s so cute. He’s sweet. He’s very stubborn. And we’re already besties. Trooper is his name. A golden retriever pup. The absolute cutest puppy! (Oh but don’t tell Oliver I said that.)   Let’s all remember what Christmas truly is about, relax, be thankful, enjoy. 

“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas morning.” – Andy Rooney

– tal xo 


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