Condo Warming Weekend!

This past weekend I had a few little gatherings at my new place. And I realized just how incredibly grateful I am, for so many things. Being a homeowner, having absolutely amazing friends and family and having great, fun filled weekends.  It started out with a neighbour gathering Friday night. Some neighbours from the building, as well as some other friends came over. It turned into such a fun night.  On Sunday, I had a condo warming party. And it was the most amazing feeling seeing how many people care enough about me, to come check out my new home. It really meant so much to me. 

Best of all, was hanging out with all of my favourite little people. For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m kind of a kid at heart. I could play with kids all day long, everyday…oh wait, that’s what I do do all day everyday! I love playing with kids. And so many of the most awesome kids came over this weekend, which was fantastic.    

   Since this is a fashion, food and shopping blog, a little update on those topics. The super cute hat Blayke is wearing, I got for her at Epiphany in Elora. An absolute must while Christmas shopping. As for the food for the party, I kept it simple and made it pretty with all my blue and white platters and trays.    

 Not sure how Monday popped up quite so quick, but I am just so thankful for an amazing weekend that today, I am ok with Monday! Be thankful, be grateful, and don’t forget to smile. Because smiling can fill both yours, and others buckets. 

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” – Pooh

– tal xo

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