Life Lately — Christmas & Condo 

Life lately has been full of condo completing, Christmas shopping & a whole lot of being busy! Good busy of course. But most of all, in the middle of all the craziness nothing relaxes me more then throwing on some Christmas music on my Bose and getting into the spirit. 

 I just want to start by letting you all know how absolutely obsessed I am with my new Lulu leopard print tights. I wore them to yoga the other day, and they’re just simply the best. They are beyond comfy and with a plain black lulu top, they have just the right amount of pop and add such style to a yoga outfit. Everyone must go to the Niagara outlets purely to check out the Lululemon outlet.   I have been working on my office area this week a lot. I have been organizing, getting rid of boxes, putting the curtains up. Through out the move I found the office was the “just throw it in there” room. And it was becoming a mess. Which if anyone knows me (especially my classroom) mess makes me crazy. So, I fixed that. But while fixing the mess problem, it was really starting to bother me that none of my picture frames, had any pictures! It was the most un-personalized office space, ever! I went to zehrs and solved that problem too by printing off abunch of pictures.    

 Lastly, the pictures over my bed that were hung on Monday had flowers in them. I had bought bright coloured flower prints which I thought would be perfect. No. It was not perfect. The flowers were the wrong colour and they were bothering me. So I printed off three 5 by 7 pictures of my cottage and the beach that I took this summer in black and white and put them up. I love it. It is still a very classy look, but with way more personality as they are pictures that mean something to me.   I am still absolutely loving Christmas in the condo. It’s cozy, it’s warm and it’s so relaxing. Nothing beats having my morning coffee infront of the fireplace & Christmas tree.   Happy Friday y’all! Hope this weekend is full of fun, relaxing and appreciating all that is going on in your life.    

– tal xo 


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