Girls Christmas Shopping Weekend. 

Every year in November for the past 7 or so years, we have a girls weekend in Buffalo to get our Christmas shopping done. This year was different because of the insanely ridiculous exchange rate. We decided to turn it more into a relaxing weekend, not just shopping, in Niagara-On-The-Lake. 

It was such a relaxing, fun, enjoyable weekend. I’m so sad it’s already over. How do weekends seriously go so fast? Wasn’t it JUST Friday afternoon?! & here we are…Monday again.  We stayed in a cute little hotel in NOTL, which had a fantastic breakfast with homemade muffins and all. We started the weekend with a trip to the spa for massages. Talk about the ultimate way to relax. We then headed to Pellers winery. If you haven’t been there, go. You must go. It is such a beautiful winery, plus the wine tastings weren’t bad either!    

 After the winery we headed to the outlet mall. Niagara Premium Outlets. It is very similar to the outlets in Milton which I rave about, except this one is bigger. And it has a Bass Pro (for all you ladies who’s husbands go shopping with you, there’s a babysitting spot for them). Last difference, it has a lulu outlet. I love lulu. I also love deals, so where better to buy my yoga attire but at the lulu outlet! This mall is exploding with name brand stores that are full of good prices.   

these fantastic, fun, comfy tights which i can wear to yoga and just on a normal day were regular $98 on for $39 at Lulu.

this jacket was so stylish, at Banana Republic regular $119 on for $60

 After the outlets we went to a little Italian restaurant on the Main Street of NOTL and ate a great meal, with even better company. Sunday we started the day with a delicious breakfast, followed by Starbucks and a stroll down the Main Street in Niagara on the Lake where there are tons of cute shops. They even have a Christmas store, and Santa was greeting everyone outside. I mean really, who doesn’t love chatting with Santa?!    

 We ended the day at Mapleview Mall in Burlington and a quick stop at ikea. We all had great luck at both places. Mapleview has a great variety of stores if you’re looking to get some Christmas shopping done. Parker definitely enjoyed his first, and only girls shopping weekend!     

Tis the season to be kind, to be greatful, to spend time with family & to appreciate all you have. What a magical time of year this is, lets all enjoy it to its fullest. 

“Where there is kindness, there is goodness. And where there is goodness, there is magic.” –Cinderella

– tal xo 

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