What’s up Wednesday 

Well if you’re wondering what’s up, let me just explain it in one word, condo. Ha, surprising right! Everytime I think it’s almost done, I start doing something more. I notice the littlest detail and can’t sit down until it’s done. One day, this place will be fully finished! But for now, I will enjoy knowing that all of my dreams and designs from the past year and a half have come to reality. 

 I am absolutely just loving being here in this cozy space. The other morning, I poured my coffee, turned the fireplace on and just sat there. I was in pure relaxation mode. The only problem, was I had to go to work! I could have sat there for hours if I was allowed.   My office has been a work in progress. I’m still looking for a futon, and possibly even a tv and a few little knick knacks. But last night my mom and I decided to hang the pictures over the desk. And it turned out exactly how I wanted. The pink in the desk legs, lamp shade and picture all tie together as the accent colour with white being the main colour. And I love it. Pink, as all of my kindergartens know is my favourite colour. But obviously when first designing the condo in my head, I did not want my accent colour of the entire place being pink. That’s why I went with a calm, relaxing blue. But with that being said, I still wanted a touch of pink somewhere. So I got it in my office!  I can’t believe how much I love being in this space, I am so happy and proud of what I have designed and accomplished. Keep dreaming, cause one day, your dreams will come true. 

“She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans.” 

– tal xo 


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