Condo Reveal…

Finally, after 18 months of anticipation, I got to move into my condo. As many of you are probably thinking, about time!!!! And let me just say, I am thinking the same. But with that being said, leaving home, leaving my pup and making a huge change in my life as excited and ready as I was, I was still nervous as heck and even a little bit sad.   

But after hours and hours of work, the condo is near complete and I can finally enjoy all of the stuff I have been buying over the past year and a half. I can’t believe how well everything goes together considering I had the entire vision in my head since I never got to see the actual condo in person. (Since it was a new build.) 

It honestly was like Christmas unpacking everything because nearly half of it, I forgot I even had. Which was so much fun! Figuring out where all the little things should go, where the big furniture should go. I am thinking in my future life, I will become an interior designer. 

As for the reveal pictures, keep in mind not every little detail is complete. Pictures are still to be hung, a few shelves, a stainless steel fridge is on its way. But overall, here is the exact look I was going for. 

 Voila, there we have it! The office is a work in progress, it is going to have a futon in it and maybe even a TV. After having 8 kids here in two days I realized I need a playroom. The kids need somewhere to go while the “adults” (apparently I’m an adult now!) socialize in the kitchen and living room. 

And now, time to start adulting and own my own place. Never thought I’d see the day! Anything truly is possible. 

“I am where I am, because I believe in all possibilities.” 

– tal xo 

One thought on “Condo Reveal…

  1. Excited and happy for you that this day finally came. Love love all your detail in your decor! It shows your personality and what a peaceful place to come home to after a long noisy day. Hugs and prayers sent to cover your time there!

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