Monday, I’m ready for ya. 

Here we are, Monday morning. It always seems to feel like an hour ago was Friday and yet how is it already Monday? As much as I hate Monday’s, I like getting back into routine. Starting the day off with a coffee and breakfast, dressing cozy and thinking positive vibes to start the week off right.   This past weekend, like usual, was awesome. But this one was actually even more special than normal. My best friend had her baby boy and I got to meet him. He is just the sweetest little doll. Brand new babies have a way of stealing my heart. Ok let’s be serious, kids in general do. But when you can pick up a screaming baby and cuddle them to sleep, it just makes my heart so full. Who knew it’s possible for someone to steal your heart within seconds of meeting them, but Tyce sure did.   I absolutely love Sunday’s. They may just be my favourite day of the week. I love family time, cozy time and relaxing time. Yesterday we went to my aunt and uncles mill for brunch with all of my cousins wedding party. And in their beautiful mill, they have a wood stove and yesterday laying down with my lulu’s on, slippers and a comfy shirt, surrounded by family and friends relaxing infront of the wood stove drinking a tea I just thought wow, this is a great day.   We ended like always with family Sunday funday and I got to hang out with my main man Parker.   I hope your weekend was full of fun, happiness and love. It’s appreciating the little and big things that add up to realizing just how amazing your life truly is. 

“Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.” 

– tal xo 

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